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STAR 8’s Fee Table and Member Agreement Rates

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STAR8Wallet funds are held in a For Benefit Of (FBO) Account that is managed by STAR 8 Financial Inc and maintained by Reserve Trust Company. This Fee Table and Member Agreement Rates are subject to change with notice per STAR 8’s Terms & Conditions. Last updated: September 16, 2020.

STAR 8 Silver (Base Subscription)
STAR 8 Silver, our base subscription, is required for all users. There is no monthly fee. Additional tiered charges based off transaction value apply.

For full subscription rate fees, please click here.

STAR8Wallet Standard Transaction Fee


Sending funds is 0.1% per transaction, one way. This fee adjusts based off your STAR 8 subscription tier. There are no hidden STAR 8 fees.

STAR8Wallet Credit Card Transaction Fee

2.99% + $0.30

Transactions that utilize a credit card are subject to an additional fee on top of the STAR8Wallet Transaction Fee.

STAR8id Verification (Per User)


Each individual verification processed through STAR 8 Software (Open API) for 3rd Party Platforms by 3rd Parties.

Same Day ACH Withdrawal Limits for Checking Accounts

Up to $250,000

Any Withdrawal from your STAR8Wallet to your traditional checking account, processed before 10 AM PST will land in your account by End of Business Day. All others will take 1-2 business days depending on your bank’s ACH procedures.

Monthly Service Fee



Incoming and Outgoing ACH fees



Wire fees


STAR 8 does not support wires as we support ACH Origination and direct linking with your Online Banking account through Plaid™.

Cross Border/Currency Conversion Transaction


At this time, STAR 8 does not support international transactions or currency conversions.

ACH Return and Credit Card Chargeback Fee

$35.00 Fee

Any returned funds or chargeback is subject to a $35.00 fee.

Non-Sufficient Funds Fee

$25.00 Fee

Any Account with Non-Sufficient Funds

Additional Agreements, Notices and Fees


Does not earn interest

Your funds can only be accessed with your authorization. STAR 8 and its banking partner, Reserve trust does not reinvest or reallocate your funds.

Charter Bank Protections?


Reserve Trust is a Chartered Bank operating under the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). Because of this, your funds are stored directly stored in the Federal Reserve and do not require insurance from retail and traditional banks under FDIC.

Member FDIC?


Reserve Trust is a Charter Bank with a direct relationship with the Federal Reserve, so membership of the FDIC is excluded.