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We know trying new things can be daunting. Find answers to the questions that concern you and your business here.

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What is STAR8Wallet?

STAR8Wallet is the first B2B digital wallet created specifically for Jewelers and Watch Traders. The app offers instant transaction on a network of secure and verified members. To learn about our rates, click here.

Why do I need to provide personal information (like my EIN, SSN, or phone number)?

STAR 8 was built on safety, security, and protecting your privacy. As a Money Transmission Business (commonly known as MSBs'), we are required by law to collect this information in order to verify your identity and pair the funds that are being brought into our platform. We will never sell your sensitive personal information to third-party groups and organizations and only share information with our partners when needed for transaction validation.

How do I know my account is secure (and won't be hacked)?

STAR8Wallet uses industry-leading security measures to ensure your account and funds are safe. With 256-bit end-end encryption, 24/7 monitored security, and transaction handling, you can be confident that your funds and information are secure and safe.

To learn more about our Safety and Security, click here.

STAR 8 is leading the Jewelry and Watch industries into cutting edge technological advancements. We seek to solve age-old problems within these industries such as: waiting until business days/hours to transact, waiting weeks to receive a check, or security concerns.

We also offer white glove service. Come speak to one of our Account Executives to get started.

I already use other payment platforms already. Why should I use STAR 8?

We are constantly looking to innovate the Jewelry and Watch industries. We offer special rates that can easily save thousands over traditional ACH and Wire fees on all transactions and instantaneous payouts.

What makes STAR 8 different from my typical payment method(s)?

How do I know I'm transacting with a legitimate person/business entity?

We only accept members whose identities can be verified through their EIN, SSN, and otherwise. This means that the STAR 8 Network only contains verified and legitimate people/business entities — if you're transacting on STAR 8, you can be sure that the other party is legitimate.

STAR8Wallet was created by Joseph Lam, the former President of Parcel Pro and TimeZone. Lam has a long and successful history of helping those in the Jewelry and Watch industries (for over 20 years!). We are also a FINCEN registered organization with the Department of the Treasury, meaning we've passed all the requirements to become a nationally recognized MSB, so rest assured — you can trust the STAR 8 too! Learn more about us here.

I haven't heard of STAR 8 — how can I trust you guys?





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