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STAR8Wallet™ (S8W) is the first B2B Digital Wallet designed for instantaneous commercial transactions, created for money transfers with no limit. With its powerful integrations, dynamic API, and extensive Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, S8W is an unmatched and much needed tool for the jewelry, wristwatch, and high-end collectibles industries. 



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Meet Joseph Lam, CEO and President of STAR 8

Joseph Lam is a successful businessman and entrepreneur with two decades of experience providing the jewelry industry with innovative shipping and insurance solutions. He was the founder of Parcel Pro, the world’s leading independent insured shipping provider for the jewelry and wristwatch industry. In 2015, Parcel Pro was acquired by UPS Capital, a subsidiary of United Parcel Service where Mr. Lam served as the Regional Asia Pacific Vice President.

Words from Joseph Lam

When I started Parcel Pro in 1997, my goal was to provide Jewelers with an alternative to the once risky and unreliable insured shipping industry by helping Jewelers move their product safely and with confidence. Having liquidity or cash on hand is integral to high value businesses, but the risks sometime outweigh the benefits. Because of this, Jewelers must resort to long transaction times, outdated banking practices, and holds that can cripple a business. 

Because I’ve been in the industry for so long, I know how important timing is — and not just because I’ve been a watch collector for 20 years. Having cash on hand is extremely important, but can be inconvenient when trying to make quick transactions. These days, you see a product, take a lunch, and by time you’re back you’ve missed out on a great deal. 

STAR8Wallet solves some of the biggest problems in this industry — you can send and receive a transaction in 15 seconds, which speeds up the process of receiving a deposit, starting production, and receiving money into your account. We’re always looking to go bigger and better, too. We’re here to change the jewelry industry for the better.  

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